I’ve been wanting to learn to weave for a while now. I’ve been staring at Esty/Instagram/Pinterest and all of the beautiful hand-woven wall hangings that crafters have made all around the world, and I’ve been itching to try my hand at making my own. It’s a natural next step from knitting, and it’s a great way to use leftover scraps of wool/yarn in your stash.

I found a great little hand loom on which to learn from Fringe Supply Co. It’s made of maple and it’s about the size of a medium-size picture frame (approx 7″ x 8″). It took me only a few hours to warp my loom and weave my first little wall hanging. Fringe Supply Co. also provides a GREAT little tutorial on their blog on how to get started, and it really helped me start my first project.

Despite a little bit of a rough ending taking it off the loom, I think this turned into a pretty good first attempt at weaving! Maybe I’ll even try to do some larger pieces in the future!




  1. The ability to weave fabric is something that I now know is missing from my life. I need to get into it too. >_>

    1. Do it!!! It’s so fun and relaxing!!

      1. I’ve done finger weaving (for Métis sashes) and beadwork on a loom… Plus tons of knitting… It’s a natural extension.

      2. Ooh, nice! I definitely felt that way about knitting/weaving, and now I want to try other textile/fibre arts as well! Down the rabbit hole I go, haha!

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