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Is There A Critical Digital Art History Yet?

Today marks the beginning of the Rebuilding the Portfolio: DH for Art Historians (#doingdah14 on Twitter) workshop hosted at the Roy Rosenweig Centre for History & New Media. I am unable to attend these proceedings, but luckily there are a steady number of tweets that are keeping me up-to-date with the highlights of what is being discussed. […]

Digital Art History is Becoming More Visible!

After being so hard on digital art history and its relative lack of visibility over the last year or so, I am finally starting to see some attention being paid to this new field of scholarship around the world! Here are a few places where there are current/upcoming exhibitions, lecture series, and conferences where digital […]

When Street Art, Activism, and Knitting Collide

Taking a break from the digital theme of this blog to discuss one of my current passions: knitting! Lately, I’ve been knitting a lot (just learned how to cable knit), so when I heard about Yarn Bombing, I was intrigued. When one thinks of the words street art and activism they often seem to go together; […]

New Media Art: An Intro

What is the “new media” in new media art? New media art is a new area of art historical study, and something that I am just starting to familiarize myself with. It was only until after auditing a survey class in the Digital Humanities that I started to be intrigued by the impact that digital technologies […]

Consuming Culture: Food and Art

I just came across this photograph on Facebook, and it reminded me of an exhibition that I just saw at the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the end of April. The exhibition was called (Da bao)(Takeout), which featured art from young artists of Chinese-Canadian, Chinese, or Canadian descent. The exhibition […]

Recent Adventures in Art: A Photo Montage

Top to Bottom: #1 Nature Nocturne at the Canadian Museum of Nature #2 Martin Creed Work No. 202 Half the Air in a Given Space exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada #3 Hallway in the Centre Block of Canada’s Parliament buildings #4 The Bata Shoe Museum #5 the Royal Ontario Museum #6 exhibit room […]