For the last little while, I have felt rather computer illiterate when it comes to talking about websites, the Internet, or almost anything on the back-end of online Digital Humanities projects. Also, since I’ve recently developed a great interest in Internet Art and creating online exhibits, I thought I really should get on the HTML-literate […]

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog (I haven’t posted in almost 2 months… yikes). What better way to come back to the blog than share some of my favourite GIFs that remix old renaissance paintings! James Kerr aka Scorpion Daggers Kerr has been posting GIFs on his blog almost daily for more than two years. […]

Today marks the beginning of the Rebuilding the Portfolio: DH for Art Historians (#doingdah14 on Twitter) workshop hosted at the Roy Rosenweig Centre for History & New Media. I am unable to attend these proceedings, but luckily there are a steady number of tweets that are keeping me up-to-date with the highlights of what is being discussed. […]

After being so hard on digital art history and its relative lack of visibility over the last year or so, I am finally starting to see some attention being paid to this new field of scholarship around the world! Here are a few places where there are current/upcoming exhibitions, lecture series, and conferences where digital […]

This is my first post relating to an online course I am taking, Introduction to Digital Curation, which is being hosted by the University College of London. This class looks at what digital curation is, what it does for us, and what it can do for us. During the first week of class content, we […]

What I learned from Digital History This past semester I took a Digital History class at Carleton University with Dr. Shawn Graham. I hoped to learn a few things that could maybe transfer to art history, and to get me thinking about how art historians could learn to think outside their boxes and do something […]

One of the things that I read this week, a blog post by Miriam Posner, talked about the issue of the digital humanities community’s focus on creating digital projects rather than on teaching folks to think digitally about their disciplines. This is also something that my classmate, Sara Nixon, talks about in her blog post […]