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I’ve been wanting to learn to weave for a while now. I’ve been staring at Esty/Instagram/Pinterest and all of the beautiful hand-woven wall hangings that crafters have made all around the world, and I’ve been itching to try my hand at making my own. It’s a natural next step from knitting, and it’s a great […]

GIFS & Remixing Art History

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog (I haven’t posted in almost 2 months… yikes). What better way to come back to the blog than share some of my favourite GIFs that remix old renaissance paintings! James Kerr aka Scorpion Daggers Kerr has been posting GIFs on his blog almost daily for more than two years. […]

Big Data & Distant Reading Visualized Into Art

In today’s digital world, one can sometimes be overwhelmed by something called Big Data. “What is Big Data?” you may be asking. The quick answer to this question that I found on Wikipedia says that “Big Data is the term for a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to […]

When Street Art, Activism, and Knitting Collide

Taking a break from the digital theme of this blog to discuss one of my current passions: knitting! Lately, I’ve been knitting a lot (just learned how to cable knit), so when I heard about Yarn Bombing, I was intrigued. When one thinks of the words street art and activism they often seem to go together; […]

Recent Adventures in Art: A Photo Montage

Top to Bottom: #1 Nature Nocturne at the Canadian Museum of Nature #2 Martin Creed Work No. 202 Half the Air in a Given Space exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada #3 Hallway in the Centre Block of Canada’s Parliament buildings #4 The Bata Shoe Museum #5 the Royal Ontario Museum #6 exhibit room […]

“Art Museums and the Ritual of Citizenship”

A few months ago, I read Carol Duncan’s article “Art Museums and the Ritual of Citizenship,” and it came back up in conversation today with a friend. It struck me and has influenced how I see musuem’s and their societal functions. This post is more of an article summary/review with a few examples to illustrate […]

A “Hello” to you…

Hello blogosphere! Please welcome yet another aspiring blogger into your midst. My name is Danuta and I wish to share my ponderings on art, literature, and culture as I experience new things through graduate school, work, and adventures. I love ideas and theoretical insights into the human condition. The most recent avenue of this route […]