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Augmenting Education and Historical Memory in Museums

Last week, I briefly touched on the educational benefits of augmented reality (AR) technologies, and today I will examine how AR is being used within museum exhibition spaces. In previous years, AR was seen to be too gimmicky, however this attitude is shifting and many museums are starting to see its potential related to their […]

Social Media and Museums

Social Media is a double-edged sword when it comes to the museum experience—it can either distract or add to the experience. Based on the above video, we can see that it can be hard to stay present when we are attached to social media on our phones. The contrast between the art the girl in […]

Recent Adventures in Art: A Photo Montage

Top to Bottom: #1 Nature Nocturne at the Canadian Museum of Nature #2 Martin Creed Work No. 202 Half the Air in a Given Space exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada #3 Hallway in the Centre Block of Canada’s Parliament buildings #4 The Bata Shoe Museum #5 the Royal Ontario Museum #6 exhibit room […]

“Art Museums and the Ritual of Citizenship”

A few months ago, I read Carol Duncan’s article “Art Museums and the Ritual of Citizenship,” and it came back up in conversation today with a friend. It struck me and has influenced how I see musuem’s and their societal functions. This post is more of an article summary/review with a few examples to illustrate […]