Digital Art History is Becoming More Visible!

After being so hard on digital art history and its relative lack of visibility over the last year or so, I am finally starting to see some attention being paid to this new field of scholarship around the world! Here are a few places where there are current/upcoming exhibitions, lecture series, and conferences where digital art and its mediation are being discussed and explored:

In Montreal, Quebec there are a number of arts exhibitions relating to digital art and interactive architecture. Currently, there is the International Digital Arts Biennial, Physicalite, which runs from May 1st-June 19th, 2014. Also in Montreal, the Canadian Centre for Architecture is putting on an exhibition called Archaeology of the Digital: Media and Machines which runs from May 21st-October 5th, 2014. This is the second exhibition in a series relating to the intersections of architecture and digital technology from the 1980s until the turn of the century. (N.B. I am hoping to attend both Physicalite and Media and Machines in the near future, and I’ll write a short review of what I see on this blog.)

The Tate Britain in London, UK is holding a workshop series from May 20th-July 7th, 2014 that explores the conceptions of cultural value that are currently operating and could be examined in relationship to digital media and museums. (I really wish I could attend this series! If you are in the UK: take notes for me!)

The College Art Association’s 103rd Annual Conference which will be held in February of 2015 in New York City will be exploring Art-Historical Scholarship and Digital Publishing:

Also, there was a recent article in Vogue about how social media platforms, like Instagram, are becoming the new platforms for art dealership and selling artworks:



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